Version 1.3.1 – 21.08.2018

[fixed] - Blog - undefined access token code
[fixed] - Blog - saving blog settings

Version 1.3.0 – 26.07.2018

[added] - OpenCart compatibility
[added] - Product options image size
[added] - Hide products with 0 quantity (out of stock)
[added] - Live search - link to all results
[added] - Easy lightbox images
[updated] - Google fonts
[updated] - Lazysizes 4.0.2
[updated] - Photoswipe 4.1.2
[fixed] - Stories (blog) module - meta description generation 
[fixed] - Stories (blog) module - description not truncated properly
[fixed] - SEO Pack - ajax requests always show default language translation when language url prefix is turned on.
[fixed] - SEO Pack - quickview always show default language translation when language url prefix is turned on.
[fixed] - SEO Pack - store name in product page structured data
[fixed] - Fireslider - bug with inserting link to a slide
[fixed] - Fireslider - sorting slides does not work
[fixed] - Extra product fields - strip empty tags generated by Summernote
[fixed] - Blog - undefined error when using Facebook comments
[fixed] - Page Builder - non SSL images in Twitter box block
[fixed] - Duplicating information between Page Builder product listing blocks
[fixed] - Product page - keyboard arrows blocked by gallery
[fixed] - Product page - lazyloading in product description
[fixed] - Not decoding entities in HTML dropdown menus
[fixed] - Sticky sidebar z-index issues
[fixed] - Alignment issue with sticky header
[fixed] - Special price countdown - problem with localization while CSS cache is enabled
[fixed] - Script lazyloading and defer on FireFox
[fixed] - Error on product page with no image products

Version 1.2.7 – 24.07.2017

[added] - Performance pack - change JPG image quality
[added] - Hide products with 0 price
[added] - Hide price if 0
[updated] - Lazysizes v4.0.0
[fixed] - Page Builder - carousel not working with script lazyloading enabled in stories
[fixed] - Presets - cannot change built-in presets
[fixed] - SEO Pack - Url generate / preview not working for new categories in 2.x
[fixed] - SEO Pack - Url autofill not working for new categories / products / pages in 2.x
[fixed] - SEO Pack - Url autofill not working for manufacturers in 1.5 and 2.x
[fixed] - Product page - price live update not updating properly on option select
[fixed] - Newsletter - crossdomain AJAX requests
[fixed] - File product options disappear from cart when adding new products
[fixed] - Facebook share missing image
[fixed] - Background color of product hover not inherited properly

Version 1.2.6 – 26.05.2017

[added] - Menu composer - megamenu category image position
[added] - Exclude pages from being minified
[fixed] - Product page - price live update showing incorrect value for different currencies
[fixed] - SEO pack - removing an item from the basket does not remove it until you refresh when pretty system urls are enabled
[fixed] - caching wrong urls

Version 1.2.5 – 23.05.2017

[added] - MultiMerch compatibility
[added] - Product page - Facebook share
[added] - Fire slider - KenBurns effect
[fixed] - maximum products per row not working
[fixed] - error when user logs in for OC 1.5
[fixed] - Trendo - missing demo data for OC 1.5
[fixed] - Product page - missing gallery thumbs

Version 1.2.4 – 7.04.2017

[fixed] - Cart menu not updating correctly
[fixed] - Product buttons not positioning correctly
[fixed] - Quickview related “undefined variable” errors
[fixed] - Subcategories related PHP errors

Version 1.2.3 – 31.03.2017

[added] - Menu Composer - category column size for "all categories" menu type
[added] - Menu Composer - banner column for "all categories" menu type
[updated] - Google Fonts
[updated] - Swiper v3.4.2
[fixed] - Menu - menu expanding button not working in some browsers in mobile mode
[fixed] - Page Builder - special price countdown not showing in Product Slider block
[fixed] - Page Builder - facebook likebox settings overwriting for multi-stores
[fixed] - Quickview - missing Extra Product Fields in Page Builder
[fixed] - Quickview - not working in OpenCart 1.5 
[fixed] - Quickview - not updating cart, compare and wishlist product count in menu
[fixed] - Sticky header - justified menu and menu separator not working with default style 
[fixed] - Sticky header - logo custom width/height not working
[fixed] - Facebook image meta - encode urls (remove spaces and other not allowed characters)
[fixed] - Facebook likebox cache does not respect multistores
[fixed] - SEO pack - meta title, description and keywords not appearing for homepage in OC 1.5 
[fixed] - SEO pack - issues with multiple languages
[fixed] - Product page - stock statuses applying before product quantity reaches 0
[fixed] - Product page - show option name on hover for image options
[fixed[ - Mega Filter Pro not working correctly with ‘language prefix’ option in SEO pack
[fixed[ - Mega Filter Pro not working correctly with ‘Script lazy loading’ option
[fixed] - Carousel - Pagination
[fixed] - Disable product returns - not working in order information page 
[fixed] - Cache - clear all button does clear database cache
[fixed] - Cache - expired frontend javascript cache files are not cleared automatically

Version 1.2.2 – 14.02.2017

[fixed] - Better SSL detection in admin panel
[fixed] - Engine upgrade issue on OpenCart upgrade
[fixed] - Undefined has_counter in product listing
[fixed] - Error notice when creating cache with long filenames on windows hosting 
[fixed] - Minor CSS issues

Version 1.2.1 – 13.02.2017

[added] - Product page - custom CSS class for stock statuses
[fixed] - Specials - grid/list view not working
[fixed] - Page Builder - Filter > Narrow results > Include subcategories in Latest products block does not work
[fixed] - Page Builder - non secure links under HTTPS mode in Facebook Likebox block
[fixed] - Quickview - missing product image in add to cart notification
[fixed] - Extra product fields - hides empty fields

Version 1.2.0 – 10.02.2017

[added] Quickview
[added] Page Builder - product count in Category block
[added] Special price countdown in product page
[added] Special price countdown in visibility options
[added] Special price countdown in all product listings (categories, search, Page Builder)
[updated] Swiper v3.4.1
[updated] FontAwesome v4.7
[fixed] Product page - custom product options style for OC 2.0, 2.1 
[fixed] Product page - missing images if non-latin or special characters are in the image name/path
[fixed] Product page - not correctly calculated savings on live price update
[fixed] Product compare - the weight unit is not displayed properly
[fixed] Shopping cart - product options disappear from cart when adding same product with different options twice or more times
[fixed] Checkout - PayPal Express confirmation page issue with OC 2.3.0.x
[fixed] Menu composer - additional class do not work with HTML dropdown menu type
[fixed] Menu composer - change thumb on hover not working in megamenu
[fixed] Page Builder - incorrect column size in Icon list block in Safari
[fixed] Page Builder - non working description limit option in all products blocks (latest, featured etc.) value taken from the OpenCart settings instead.
[fixed] Page Builder - issue with single area export and UTF8 symbols
[fixed] Page Builder - built-in (default) templates are not imported correctly for every store.
[fixed] Page Builder - Subcategories block sometimes generates links to the admin instead to catalog
[fixed] Page Builder - Featured products filter does not filter products by store in multi-store setups
[fixed] Page Builder - error message on newly dragged Featured products block
[fixed] Page Builder - error message on newly dragged Featured stories block
[fixed] SEO pack - switching languages resets the cart menu to the default language
[fixed] SEO pack - The search resets the site language to default if SEO `language url pefix`is used
[fixed] SEO pack - 404 error in the last checkout step when payment is Paypal Express and `Pretty URLs` option is enabled
[fixed] Multi-store - Incorrect engine upgrade detection when a new store is added
[fixed] Multi-store - Issues when exporting/importing menu sets between stores
[fixed] Various performance issues
[fixed] Admin SSL issues under certain rare conditions
[fixed] Conflict between BurnEngine and PDF Invoice Pro extension

Version 1.1.5 – 21.11.2016

[added] - Page Builder - grid listing for latest and featured articles
[improved] - RTL compatibility
[updated] - CKEditor to 4.5.11
[fixed] - Page Builder - 3rd party module import in OC 2.3
[fixed] - Menu composer - Banner image position
[fixed] - Missing product information in comparison page
[fixed] - Subcategories carousel navigation position
[fixed] - Bug with background gradients when adding extra colors after refresh
[fixed] - Presets - error messages appearing in log if there is a shadow in preset
[fixed] - SEO Pack - missing meta title for categories in OC 1.5
[fixed] - Live search - crashing on non SSL pages, if SSL is enabled

Version 1.1.4 – 04.11.2016

[fixed] - Missing margin and padding for presets
[fixed] - Broken manufacturer and search pages

Version 1.1.3 – 02.11.2016

[added] - Page Builder - single page import/export
[improved] - Mega Filter PRO/Plus compatibility
[fixed] - Presets error on theme installation
[fixed] - Missing blog pagination if database cache is activated
[fixed] - Compatibility issues with SEO pack and OpenCart 2.3 - pretty system urls, changing languages
[fixed] - Live search not working if SSL enabled
[fixed] - Product countdown timer not available for all Page Builder blocks
[fixed] - Extra product fields not working on OC 1.5
[fixed] - Product listing layout not applied for related products 
[fixed] - Theme CP scrambled in Chrome
[fixed] - Scrambled user login page
[fixed] - Styling issues with custom product options
[fixed] - Minor CSS issues

Version 1.1.2 – 01.10.2016

[added] - Style - custom sidebar width for mobile devices
[added] - Page Builder - set custom row column height
[fixed] - Enconding problems with text and HTML Page Builder blocks
[fixed] - Cart menu disappearing in product page
[fixed] - Missing button localization in system messages
[fixed] - Minor CSS issues

Version 1.1.1 – 01.09.2016

[fixed] - UTF-8 unicode bugs
[fixed] - Sample data import bugs
[fixed] - Minor CSS issues

Version 1.1.0 – 30.08.2016

[added] - OpenCart 2.3 compatibility
[added] - Page Builder - set column sizes for different screen sizes
[added] - Page Builder - set column order for different screen sizes
[added] - Page Builder - block group for inserting additional columns in a row
[added] - Menu Composer - menu banner for category mega menus
[added] - SEO pack - website multilingual meta title and description
[added] - Special price countdown timer (Daily deals)
[added] - JS lazy loading
[improved] - Design spacing (padding and margin) for small screens
[improved] - Menu Composer interface
[improved] - Browser render performance
[improved] - CSS performance
[improved] - JS performance
[improved] - Also Bought Products performance
[updated] - Carousel script (iDangerous Swiper v3.3.1)
[updated] - Google Fonts list
[updated] - Also Bought Products is now a separate module
[fixed] - Checkout and user account pages bugs when database cache enabled
[fixed] - Missing "Sample data" dialog
[fixed] - Multi-store cannot select BurnEngine as a theme
[fixed] - SEO pack - multilingual urls not changing
[fixed] - minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.7 – 10.05.2016

[added] - extra product fields/tabs extension
[added] - random products for Page Builder
[added] - categories block - category wall style
[added] - left/right sidebar - fluid width
[fixed] - FireSlider Firefox compatibility issues
[fixed] - Live search errors
[fixed] - SEO pack errors
[fixed] - numerous engine errors
[fixed] - minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.6 – 26.04.2016

[added] - More styling features to Categories Page Builder block
[fixed] - Demo data not importing
[fixed] - Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.5 – 25.04.2016

[fixed] - Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.4 – 15.04.2016

[fixed] - SEO pack errors with multiple languages
[fixed] - Languages related errros

Version 1.0.3 – 9.04.2016

[fixed] - Languages related erros
[fixed] - Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.2 – 2.04.2016

[added] - Search block - input group styling option
[fixed] - Sample data decompression error
[fixed] - Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0.1 – 23.03.2016

[added] - OpenCart 2.2.x compatibility
[fixed] - Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.0 – 11.03.2016 – Initial release