BurnEngine is a framework from that adds advanced layout and cms features to OpeCart themes. It has unified control panel, which delivers consistent experience across different themes and stores. BurnEngine stands as a layer between OpenCart and the theme – it manages a huge amount of options to customize your shop, while keeping backward compatibility with third party OpenCart modules and extensions.

Why relying on BurnEngine

BurnEngine helps you control every aspect of the theme – appearance, performance, data migration etc. Most importantly – it offers a single codebase. The main benefit from the single codebase is that all of the themes build on BurnEngine receive bug fixes and feature additions at once. Every BurnEngine compatible theme gets regular updates, regardless of its initial release date. This mitigates the negative effect of low (or even lacking) support for old themes that is typical for the theme market.

BurnEngine does not limit itself to cms settings only. It brings system-wide features like performance optimizations, SEO tools, ecommerce settings and many more. It has also internal plugin system, which guarantees that every installed BurnEngine extension is 100% compatible with all of the themes. The question `Is extension X compatible with my theme?` becomes thus obsolete.

BurnEngine is not a trendy, little tested technology that just came out of the wild. It lies on years of experience and testing from ThemeBurn team. It was incorporated under-the-hood in ThemeBurn’s themes much before its release as BurnEngine™ brand and powers many stores that operate for a long time. ThemeBurn’s long-term engagement guarantees your investment when relying on a BurnEngine powered theme.

By using a BurnEngine compatible theme you can count on continuous support and new features, because BurnEngine evolves separately from the theme. The BurnEngine release cycle is not targeted at specific theme. Every new BurnEngine version adds fixes and options to all existing themes that are compatible with it. You won’t be forced to buy new themes in order to get improved functionality.

How to obtain BurnEngine

BurnEngine is not installed separately from your theme – it is included in your theme package. You don’t have to take additional actions to activate it. You can have unlimited themes that rely on BurnEngine – they are all managed from a single control panel. If you have bought a themeburn’s theme (Pavilion, Kiddos etc.) you already have BurnEngine – just proceed to installation.