First Steps

The initial theme installation provides no default content. You will have an empty home page if you don’t choose to import sample data.

You should use the Page Builder to organize the content of your home page, to create custom information pages or to enrich the existing system pages (product and category listings, user account etc.) with custom blocks.

With the help of the Styles editor you can apply different designs and customize the appearance of the theme in great detail. You can control the margin, padding and column spacing for each area, define column size, set border and border radius, apply multiple shadows and attach multiple backgrounds.


It is recommended to turn off (from System -> Cache panel) the styles, menu and content cache while you are setting up your store initially. If not, you may have to clear the cache manually if you want to see all changes instantly on the frontend. Of course, you may want to turn the cache back on when going live.

Setup Main Menu

1Go to Menu Composer panel.

2Select the Main Menu menu set and change it as you want.

Create Home Page

1 Go to Page Builder > Content and choose “Home” from the combo box at the top right side of the panel.

2 Click on the Add row button to create a new builder row

3 Drag content blocks from the right side panel over the empty row.

Set colors

1 You can change theme colors from Theme Settings > Colors.

Modify Footer Links

1 Go to Menu Composer panel.

2There are four menu sets that are put in the footer: Information, Customer Service, Extras, My Account