Sticky Header


Sticky header style can be changed from Theme Settings > Style > Common tab.


Default – keeps default header layout; show all elements except those that are marked with a special class

Minimal – shows all visible blocks in a row; hides all elements except those that are marked with a special class [VIEW EXAMPLE]

Layout Overrides the default header layout
Padding Overrides the default header padding

Visible Elements

Visibility of sticky header elements is configurable with extra classes. You need to put these extra classes on header rows, columns or blocks.

Default tbStickyHide – hide the row/column/block in sticky header
Minimal tbStickyShow – show block in sticky header
tbStickyOnly – show block only in sticky header
tbStickyPosition-1 – order position of the block in the sticky header (from 1 to 8)
tbStickyFill – block will only take the available space in the header row

Assign extra classes

1In your Control Panel navigate to Page Builder > HeaderSelect the block you want to show/hide and click on the edit (settings) button.


2In the Block settings > Advanced add the special class (from the table above).