As mentioned previously, BurnEngine is not distributed as a standalone product. It comes bundled with the theme package you download from Please note, that this package does not include OpenCart, which is needed for BurnEngine to operate. You must have a working OpenCart installation before attempting to install your theme.

In the rest of this documentation the word ‘theme’ is sometimes interchangeable with ‘BurnEngine’. This is because your package uncludes BurnEngine and a theme (Pavilion, Kiddos etc.) that is built upon it. The engine and the theme are not installed or used separately though. You can think of ‘BurnEngine’ as the theme’s control panel, which has just own brand for better identity.

Please, follow the link below that corresponds to the OpenCart version you have installed:

Useful links

If you are new to OpenCart world, you could take advantage of the following tutorials and articles. They vary from installation steps to providing help for common OpenCart operations.

1. Official opencart documentation
2. Introduction to OpenCart video
3. Stackoverflow opencart section
4. Rosehosting OpenCart articles
5. Tuts+ starters guide for OpenCart
6. Several sites with various tutorials [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4] [link5]