Sample Data

Import Data

The import data action populates your store with ready made data. This option is mainly useful for fresh installations as it will modify the  OpenCart database. It is also not suitable for multistore setup, because modifying OpenCart database affects all stores.

Keep in mind that this step is fully optional- you can start using your theme without importing any data at all. The auto-import won’t do anything you can’t achieve manually through the BurnEngine admin panel, it will just help you to setup the theme faster.

When entering the control panel for the first time, you will see the following  notification:


By clicking on the Install demo data button you will be given a choice to select which variant from the demo should be applied to your site. Be aware that the demo data is in English language only– make sure it is set as default store language before doing the import in order to avoid issues.


Be aware that existing OpenCart data (products, categories, information pages etc.) will be replaced and you won’t be able to bring it back unless you restore a backup manually.


Product and category images from the official theme demos are not provided with the sample data, distributed with the theme package. OpenCart default images are used instead.