Content blocks

The content blocks stand for styled boxes that are placed within the site’s grid. They can be seen as extended version of the OpenCart’s modules with advanced styling and positioning options. Every box holds specific information depending on its type.

There are three types of blocks you can assign to rows in the page builder for a given area – theme blocks, module blocks and system blocks.

  • The theme blocks are custom blocks created for Pavilion. Some of them are similar to default OpenCart modules (featured products, latest products, bestsellers, specials) but with far more features and customization options. You can read more about them in the subsections of the current page.
  • The module blocks are actually opencart modules that can be used in the Page Builder just like the theme blocks. In order to use default or third party OpenCart module in Pavilion page builder, you must first import it.
  • The system blocks depend on the page type.