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Narrow results If enabled, only shows products linked to a specific category. On ‘Autodetect’ selected, products will be filtered based on the currently opened category. E.g. when browsing “Shoes” category, products linked with “Shoes” will be displayed only.
Limit products Maximum number of products that can be displayed.
Randomize Shows the products in random order. If cache is enabled, the randomization occurs on cache refresh only.
Enable slider Put products in a slider on a single line. If products per row number is greater or equal to the number of listed product, the slider would not be initialized.
Slide step How many products are slided at once.
Slide speed Duration of the animation between slides (in milliseconds).
Show pagination Enable slider pagination.
Navigation position Position of previous/next slider buttons.

Product styles

You can use this tab to override the global product listing settings. Set the ‘Use global product listing settings’ to off in order to apply different setting for the current block only.