Icon List

Icon List

Add icon row Adds new icon box row
Icon link Url that will be opened by clicking on the icon.
Icon color The color of the icon
Box/border color The color of the icon’s wrapper. According to the ‘Icon style’ style option this may be border color for ‘bordered’ style and background color for other styles.
Icon size The size of the icon in pixels
Box size The size of the icon’s wrapper in pixels
Icon style icon_styles
Description The text that appears accoring to the layout

Icons Layout


Can be list, grid or inline. You can check display styles here.

Each line from the layout table defines how many icons (icon and description) per row will be shown for a specified maximum width of the icon container.

Container width Items per row Spacing Description
800px 4 30px If icon container is 601-800px wide (and above), you will have 4 icons per row and 30px spacing between adjacent icons.
600px 3 20px If icon container is 401-600px wide, you will have 3 icons per row and 20px spacing between adjacent icons.
400px 2 10px If icons container is up to 400px wide, you will have 2 icons per row and 10px spacing between adjacent icons.
Description position Can be left, right or below the icon for grid icon lists.
Text alight of the description for grid icon lists with description position below the icon.
Icon vertical align Icon vertical align relative to the description. Available only if description position is set to left or right.
Spacing Spacing between two adjacent icons (icon and description) in inline icon lists.
Icons align Align of the entire icon container. Available for inline icons lists only.