Latest Reviews

Rating type
Single item review Shows single rating from the displayed review.
Average Shows average rating based on all product reviews.
Show thumb Show thumbnail of the reviewed product.
Thumb size Set width and height of the reviewed product’s thumb.
Show price Show price of the reviewed product.
Show review text Show product review.
Put review in tooltip The review is put in a tooltip and is visible only on hover.
Narrow results If enabled, shows reviews only for products linked to a specific category. On ‘Autodetect’ selected, products will be filtered based on the currently opened category. E.g. when browsing “Shoes” category, reviews for products linked with “Shoes” will be displayed only.
Limit products Maximum number of reviews than can be displayed.
Randomize Shows the reviews in random order. If cache is enabled, the randomization occurs only on cache refresh.
Slider Put reviews in a slider on a single line.
Slide step How many reviews are slided at once.
Slide speed Duration of the animation between slides (in milliseconds).
Show pagination Enable slider pagination.
Navigation position Position of previous/next slider buttons.