This section allows you to change theme fonts. You have more than 600 web optimized typefaces to choose from.

Font family Choose from 600+ free web optimized Google fonts. If ‘inherit’ value is selected, the default CSS inheritance is applied
Font style Choose the font weight (normal, bold, bolder) and font style (normal or italic). Subsets allow you to load only those characters you need and reduce load size; e.g. for an English version a latin subset will be enough
Font size Set the text size. For all “Body” rules (default, area, row, block), font size is applied to all child elements, that does not have any explicit rule attached to
Line height You can set a base line height for the entire store. All website elements will get their line-height automatically calculated depending on their font size
Letter spacing Space between letters
Word spacing Space between words
Transform Set text transformation of a text element. You can make all letters go uppercase or lowercase, or make each word begin with a capital letter
Warning! Do not use too many different typefaces!

Using many font styles and subsets can slow down your web page as they increase the frontend resources size.  Select only the font styles that you actually need. Some fonts does not support different languages and styles. Be practical with your font choice.

Useful links

1. Google WebFonts – you can easily filter and preview fonts for your shop here.
2. Selections of good fonts – [link1] [link2] [link3] [ink4]
3. Web typography guide – theory and practice