Manufacturers block allows you to show all or some of store’s brands. You need a logo set up for a manufacturer in order to get it listed.

Title You can set a title of the block. Title displays above block contents. To control the text align of the title, you can use the alignment buttons.
Display Choose the manufacturers you want to list.
Layout Set the number of manufacturers to display on a single row for different resolutions/screen sizes.
Thumb size Width and height of the manufacturer thumb.
Randomize Shows the manufacturers in random order. If cache is enabled, the randomization occurs on cache refresh only.
Slider Put manufacturers in a slider on a single line. If items per row number is greater or equal to the number of listed manufacturers, the slider would not be initialized.
Slide step How many manufacturers are slided at once.
Slide speed Duration of the animation between slides (in milliseconds).
Show pagination Enable slider pagination.
Navigation position Position of previous/next slider buttons.