This section allows you to control some advanced system settings. Usually you shouldn’t need to change them as the defaults are good enough to cover most of the use cases.


Pavilion caches some calculation-intensive parts of the script in order to improve the website performance. Every cache item (e.g. Latest Products block) has expiration time, also known as TTL(time to live). When an item is requested for a first time the system will do all the necessary computations relevant to the item and the results will be cached.  This is the cache building phase and is usually somewhat slower. All subsequent requests will retrieve the item directly from the cache, skipping the computation phase. The retrieval from  the cache happens until its TTL is reached or until the cache is cleared manually.


It is recommended to turn the styles, menu and content cache off while you are setting up your store initially. If not, you may have to clear the cache manually (for example when changing main colors) if you want to see the changes instantly. Turning off the whole cache system will disable facebook and twitter caching which may result in slow response times if you use these blocks.

General Cache
The expiration time of the general cache items is 4 hours and cannot be changed from the admin panel.
Styles Pavilion combines and caches all of the dynamic style sheets to improve frontend performance. When off, the styles will be regenerated and invalidated on every page request.
Scripts Pavilion combines and caches all of the javascripts for better frontend performance. When off, the javascripts will be regenerated and invalidated on every page request.
Configuration When off, the page builder configuration settings will not be cached. Instead they will be recreated on every request.
Menu This option controls whether or not to cache the main navigation. When turned on the main navigation menu will be served from the cache until the cache is invalidated or manually deleted. While the menu is served from cache, it will not reflect any category changes you may do from the opencart admin panel. E.g. if you want to change a category name or add a new category, you may need to clear the cache manually if you need the new category to appear in the menu.
Content Cache

To save database calls Pavilion caches the content blocks. You may want to turn off or lower the cache TTL for some of the dynamic blocks. This is particularly useful for blocks with frequent update rates like Latest Products. As mentioned above, once cached the content is not refreshed until the cache expires.

Eg. if you have TTL for the Latest Products block set to 240 min, the displayed products by this block will be refreshed every 240 minutes. If you have new products within this interval, they will not be shown until the next cache building phase occurs or until you clear the cache manually. You can lower the refresh rate for this block or you can turn off cache completely in case of intensive products insertion in your store.

System blocks cannot be cached.


Menu Use the default OpenCart menu markup. Menu builder settings will not apply, if activated.
Colorbox.js Load Colorbox plugin styles and script. You may need to activate this option, if you have installed a third party extension that uses this plugin.
Load jquery migrate Some older javascript plugins (like nivoslider) may not work if this option is not on.