The style section is used to control the visual appearance of the store. Here is description of the Common style settings tab. The other tabs are described in the  styles editor section.


Settings from Menu tab are only available for “separate menubar” header layout.

Site width Maximum site width.

Select a layout for the store header.


Replace the image logo with a text one. A custom font, font size and weight and color can be assigned from Fonts and Colors.
Sticky header

Enable/disable the sticky header feature – the website header will always stay at the top of the page when you scroll down.

Please note, that the sticky header will always use a predefined design, no matter what is the selected layout for the normal header.

menu_heightHeight of each menu item.

Menu height is available only for “separate menubar” header layout.
Inner padding

menu_paddingRight/left padding of each menu item.

Menu inner padding is available only for “separate menubar” header layout.
Spacing menu_spacingSpace between two adjacent menu items.
Show icon cart_show_iconShow/hide an icon in the cart menu.
Show label cart_show_labelShow/hide a text label in the cart menu.
Show items count cart_show_itemsShow/hide the number of items added to the cart.
System Messages
Position The position of the system messages relative to the browser window.
Stack messages When selected, multiple system messages can be show at once. If the opposite is selected, newer messages remove older ones.
Timeout The time a system message is visible for.